Cava Duc De Foix Brut Nature

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Non Vintage

D. O. Cava Spain
Grape Variety: Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada.

Elaborated with the Traditional Champenois Method, it has aged and ripened in the wine cellars of  Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a pale yellowish colour with a good formation of bubbles. It has fruit and aged aromas. In the mouth it is dry, pleasant and very round.

Serving Suggestions: Fish dishes, smooth cheeses, rice, smoked products and as an aperitif.

Technical Information
Residual sugar: 1.7 grams/litre
Alcohol: 11.80% Vol 

Wine Making 
1. Reception of grapes and unloading classified by variety and quality
2. Must obtained by pneumatic pressing .
3. Filtering of the un-pressed run-off must (Cuvée)
4. Inoculation of selected yeasts into the must
5. Fermentation of the must at a temperature of less than 19ºC and monitoring of fermentation.
6. Racking, blending, adjustment, analytical and organoleptic control
7. Wine tartar stabilisation. 
8. Filtration of the wine.
9. Addition of sugar, clarifiers and yeasts to the filtered wine.
10. Filling bottles and bunking up with triage cork and wire.
11. Laying the bottles (placing the bottles in horizontal position in the cellar for the second fermentation)
12. Repose of the bottles in the cellar (minimum during 9 month)
13. Clearing of the bottles and moving (15 days) until leaving them on the neck.
14. Freezing the neck of the bottle and disgorging.
15. Addition of expedition liquor.
16. Corking of the bottles, washing, labelling and packing in cases.