Alvear PX Solera 1927

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Non Vintage

D. O. Montilla Moriles Spain  
Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez

Wine Making
The grapes are harvested when have reached their optimum degree of maturity. At this point they are spread out on mats to dry in the sun until they become raisins. The raisins are then pressed, to deliver an intensely rich must to which grape alcohol is added. This prevents fermentation and loss of sweetness. The “Solera System” for this wine was started in 1927.

Tasting Notes 
This wine has a dense, dark mahogany colouration. It has a deep rich nose with aromas of prunes and chocolate. It is a naturally sweet wine, with an intense, sumptuous palate, with rich concentrated fruit and a long finish.

Serving Suggestion: A marvellous way to end a meal. Sip with dessert, ice cream, fruit-salads, pastries, or with blue cheese. 

Serving Temperature: 10ºC-12ºC, or drink with ice.

Technical Inforamtion
Packaging:  375ml bottles 
pH: 4,0 
Acidity: 4,25 grams/litre tartaric acid
Sugar: 405 grams/litre
Alcohol: 16% Vol.

Ratings: 96 Points    Wine Advocate